When you look in the mirror, what’s the first thing you see?

At Revita Life MD, we want the answer to be “my smile,” “my glowing skin,” or “my gorgeous hair!”

Far too often, however, the answer is, “my awful double chin!”

Revita Life MD is dedicated to helping men and women look their best, and for many that means reducing the appearance of a double chin. For years we’ve offered CoolScuplting treatments that freeze and reduce unsightly fat cells from your love handles, abdomen, bra line, thighs, arms, and more.*

Now, we’re pleased to announce a new, another fat reducing applicator called CoolMini!

*Recently approved by the FDA for use on smaller areas of the body (like that swollen pouch under your chin!) CoolMini is a non-invasive, outpatient fat-freezing treatment that may drastically reduce appearance of your double chin!

*How CoolMini Gives You Younger Looking Skin

  • New applicator designed to comfortably fit in small, problem areas
  • No needles!
  • No surgery!
  • *CoolMini treatment can be completed in 60 minutes
  • *Minimal side effects

Want to see what CoolMini can do for you? Contact Revita Life MD to learn more about this unique, fat-freezing treatment from the makers of CoolSculpting today.

*Individual results may vary.

*Individual results may vary