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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) delivers smooth, powerful pulses of light through the skin, that can blast pigment (like brown spots and sun damage) and redness/spider veins into submission.  IPL uses a broad range of wavelengths to achieve an overall brighter and smoother complexion.  This is a safe and effective procedure great for anyone’s skin rejuvenation and skin maintenance plan.  We routinely recommend at least two per year, or a series of 3-6 treatments a month apart to reverse more significant sun damage, rosacea or pigmentation.  Please note that darker skin tones must pretreat the skin 4-6 weeks for optimal results and safety.

*Individual results may vary

Problem Areas:

~ Face
~ Neck
~ Chest
~ Hands


~ Brown spots
~ Sun spots
~ Age spots
~ Red spots
~ Redness or Rosacea
~ Melasma
~ Spider Veins
~ Freckles
~ Flat birthmarks

Bonus Benefits:

~ Stimulates collagen
~ Shrinks pores
~ Suppress sebaceous glands to benefit acne
~ Minimal downtime

*Individual results may vary


“Dr Cummins explained the process and took the time to evaluate my needs. This was my first IPL treatment and I felt I was in good hands. The staff was so helpful and did great job explaining different packages. RevitaLife prices are the best in Louisville! I can’t wait for my next treatment. “

*Individual results may vary