Now you may be able to reduce your double chin without surgery!

*Coolsculpting has a new applicator, the “Cool Mini”, designed to help reduce your double chin without surgery, and we are one of the first practices in Louisville to have one.

*Kybella is also in the news, injections that can reduce fat cells under the chin and jowls.  We have extensive experience treating fat with this method, and it has been shown to work in small areas like under the chin.

*Individual results may vary

*There are also ways to contour the neck and jawline using Botox or Dysport.  Called a Nefertiti Lift, Botox can be used to relax neck bands and muscles around the jawline to improve your appearance.  Dermal Fillers also play a role in correcting sagging around the jawline.

*Finally, skin tightening can be great for that finishing touch, tightening and firming loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

*For those deeper lines around the mouth and eyes, Mesotherapy techniques have been mastered by Dr Cummins using painless superficial infusions of dermal fillers, botox, and other anti-aging products.

*The good news is that we now have a full lineup of effective tools to help you lose the double chin, improve sagginess and deep lines around the mouth and jawline, and tighten skin on the neck… without downtime and without surgery.

*Individual results may vary

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Mesotherapy & Kybella

Before and After
Before and After (*Individual results may vary)

*Mesotherapy was developed in France, and over 20,000 practitioners worldwide provide hundreds of thousands of treatments cumulatively. Medications are injected into the fat, reducing fat cells, and possibly shrinking the problem areas. Treatments have been known to work better in smaller areas, like under the chin and jowls, love handles, bra line, etc. *We combine these treatments with a variety of laser technologies to maximize results in larger areas, like upper arms, lower abdomen, and cellulite in the thighs.

*Study by Ablon in 2005 reported that all 44 patients in the study experienced “significant results” without any significant side effects. Treatment involves several small injections with very little discomfort. The jowl area can also be treated.

*We now offer Kybella, an FDA approved injectable with proven results to contour small fat deposits like the double chin.

*Individual results may vary

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