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3 Things To Know About The HCG Diet

//3 Things To Know About The HCG Diet

3 Things To Know About The HCG Diet


In a previous post, we discussed some important ways that medical weight loss programs such as those offered at RevitaLife MD in Louisville are different from the diets and workout programs you may have encountered online.

For one thing, our medical weight loss treatments are customized to meet your particular goals, nutritional needs, and exercise experience. We also believe that our medical weight loss programs put you in the best position to experience permanent results rather than temporary ones.

One of our most popular medical weight loss programs is the HCG diet. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary program offered by our weight loss clinic in Louisville.

HCG Involves Hormone Therapy

This isn’t your normal diet and exercise plan. When you utilize the HCG medical weight loss program, you’ll receive doses of Human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that’s naturally produced during pregnancy. You’ll also observe a low calorie diet (around 500 calories per day) for 40 days. The HCG hormone may help to suppress your feelings of hunger, ensuring more rapid weight loss.

HCG Requires Medical Supervision

Many crash diets available on the internet are actually quite unsafe. We encourage people to see medical weight loss programs such as the HCG diet because they’re completed under the supervision of a qualified medical professional who will ensure everything is legal and safe for your health.

HCG May Be The Last Diet You Ever Need

Many patients who’ve used the medical weight loss programs offered by RevitaLife MD achieve permanent results without the starvation and struggle of previous diets. HCG helps you to eat less without the usual negative feelings of hunger associated with a low calorie diet.

Want to learn more about how medical weight loss through the HCG diet can help you achieve your goals? Contact RevitaLife MD in Louisville today.

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