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3 Tips To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season

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3 Tips To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season

Halloween is in the rear view mirror, which means it’s full steam ahead into the winter holidays. Whether you prefer Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of occasions to celebrate in the coming weeks, and even more opportunities to be tempted by unhealthy or ultra rich foods.

Are you worried that all the hard work you’ve done to control your weight will go out the window when you see that first plate of holiday cookies? Revita Life MD in Louisville is here to help. We’re not just one of the most trusted weight loss centers in Kentucky, we’re also concerned with helping you avoid the causes of weight gain in the first place.

Keep reading to discover some effective strategies for avoiding the unhealthy temptations that abound this time of year. If they aren’t enough to help you maintain control, know that Revita Life MD has medical weight loss solutions that will help you shed those pounds in the new year.

Why Do We Overeat During The Holidays?dreamstime_xxl_28354149

Wondering why you have such a hard time sticking to your weight loss program this time of year? Here are just a few reasons that everyone struggles to keep it healthy during the holidays.

  • Stress – Planning parties, shopping, attending social events, playing host to distant relatives–all of these things increase our stress levels and we eat as a way to calm ourselves down and feel better.
  • Disappointment – Did you burn the turkey? Did the Christmas presents get lost in the mail? Did the cat turn the tree into its own private scratching post? We envision perfect holidays but the reality is often quite different. And what better way to erase our disappointment than with a giant slice of pie?
  • Lack Of Planning – The most common reason that weight loss plans fail over the holidays is that we just don’t prepare ourselves for the temptations that will surely be all around us. So let’s change that!

Real-World Tactics For Surviving The Season Of Overeating

Remember, You’re Not A Kid Anymore

Something about the holidays makes us want to recapture the feeling of being a kid. Sometimes that means singing carols with the family and other times it means eating an entire plate of Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies while watching It’s A Wonderful Life. This holiday season, remember that you’re an adult, trying to be healthy for yourself and because it sets a good example for the kids around you.

Remember To Move

Just because you’re home for the holidays doesn’t mean you’re glued to the couch. Get outside! Take the dog for a walk, go for a run on your old high school track, or ride your bike downtown to get drinks with old friends. Anything you can do to prevent yourself from being sedentary and staring at plates of sugary treats will help you maintain your weight loss goals.

Remember Your Veggies

Can’t trust your Mom or Grandma to follow the rules of your weight loss program? Try bringing your own snacks and vegetables that will help you to avoid overindulging.

We Are Louisville’s Source For Medical Weight Loss Treatment!

Even if you fall down in your attempts to remain healthy this holiday season, don’t despair. Just book your appointment for medical weight loss treatment at Revita Life MD!

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