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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an excellent non-surgical solution for clients who want to transform their complexion into smooth, glowing skin. At RevitaLifeMD, we perform chemical peels at our Lousiville, Kentucky location.

Is It Right for Me?

Good candidates for chemical peels are those individuals who want to achieve the following results:

• Rejuvenated, refreshed-looking skin
• Faded scars
• Minimal wrinkles and fine lines
• More even skin tone and texture
• And more!

Some patients may be satisfied with just one chemical peel treatment; patients with significant signs of aging may want to undergo more than one chemical peel session.

The Science: How Does It Work?

A chemical peel is comprised of different types of acids; this acid solution is used to effectively dissolve and slough off the top layers of the dermis. As we age, the topmost layers of the skin display lots of accumulated damage, like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and scars. By dissolving the top layers, a chemical peel makes it possible for renewed skin to come to the surface. Dr. Lawton will help you determine which chemical peel solution is right for your specific needs, as not all chemical peels are alike.

The end result of the chemical peel is that skin looks smoother, rejuvenated, and younger. Patients should expect swelling, redness, and significant peeling for the first two weeks after the treatment. Some patients may prefer to take the first week off from work, as the redness and peeling can be very noticeable.

What are the Benefits?

Chemical peels have been a reliable treatment for patients who want to get glowing, healthy-looking skin. Whether you want a chemical peel to reduce wrinkles or to minimize scarring, You have the choice between Glycolic, Salicylic, TCA, PCA, Sensi, Ultra, and Custom Combination Peels.

The RevitaLifeMD Difference

RevitaLife MD has the experience and expertise you are looking for when considering a chemical peel. Dr. Cummins has more than 20 years of clinical experience and is a A4M member, American Academy of Anti-aging medicine. We specialize in hormone replacement therapy, but also in medical weight loss, body sculpting, and hair restoration. Our approach to aging starts from inside out, by balancing your bodies hormones and then optimizing your aesthetic look. We treat every patient on an individual basis and keep your goals in mind as we design a unique treatment plan to help you look & feel your best. We value your time and offer an online portal so you can follow your progress and communicate with us one-on-one, 24/7.

Ready to learn more about how Chemical Peels can help you?

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