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Most Positive Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Reviews in Louisville KY
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“I enrolled in the monthly membership program several months ago. Each month Dawn treats me with a skin tightening facial treatment. I carefully considered whether or not this program would be beneficial to me, before enrolling. It makes perfect sense! I don’t try to justify the expense for hair, nails or anything else. Why would I second-guess my face? My face is the first thing people see and what they remember when they think of me. Thank you, Dawn and Brad for keeping me looking rejuvenated!”Read More

Club RevitaLife

Treat yourself to the gift of youth and vitality. Club ReVitaLife is a commitment to doing something for yourself and ensuring you will not lay down in the fight against aging! Focus on problem areas like pigmentation, wrinkles, loose skin on the neck, cellulite, pore size, acne scars, laser hair removal, and more.  Great for anti-aging, acne scars, loose skin on the neck and chest, pigmentation on the face and chest and hands, hair on the face, and much more.

Two Membership Levels designed to save you money and give you a beauty or health  program.  Members receive 10% savings on all procedures, not to be combined with other offers.  

Becoming a Member is easy.  Simply come in for your scheduled visit and sign up or call us to have a complimentary phone conversation.   You will enjoy monthly savings on your favorite treatments and EXCLUSIVE MEMBER ONLY offers throughout the year.

Enjoy one Anti-Aging Treatment per month

  • IPL Photo Facial – sun spots, redness, spider veins, acne, brown spots
  • Fractional Laser Wrinkle Treatment – wrinkles around eyes and lips, tighten skin, acne scars
  • Venus Freeze Skin tightening (one area) – neck and lower face most popular, decolletage, etc
  • Venus Freeze Cellulite Treatment
  • VelaShape Cellulite Treatment
  • ReFirme Skin Tightening
  • Chemical Peel (Custom combination peels – $200 value)
  • Laser Hair Removal (small area) – lips and chin, arm pits, bikini line

Additional Club Member Benefit

  • 1 Monthly Vitamin B12 injection

Schedule Your Free Consultation & Opt-In for Club RevitaLife!

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