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Feeling Sluggish? The Reason Why Might Surprise You

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Feeling Sluggish? The Reason Why Might Surprise You

You know there’s a world of research out there that emphasizes the need for plenty of sleep, a healthy diet, and plenty of stress-free activities. But despite all your best efforts, it seems as though no amount of caffeine in the world can help you perk up and feel energized.
While more sleep and healthy eating can certainly help, the real reason why you might be feeling so sluggish could boil down to needing a medical detoxification. Your liver is an essential organ that’s already responsible for detoxing the remains of an unhealthy diet, stress, and other harmful toxins.
But what happens if the liver becomes overwhelmed with all the work that it needs to do?
That’s where a medical detox comes into play. This is not some crazy liquid diet promoted by a celebrity. A true medical detoxification helps restore gut health, recover liver function, and promote a healthy metabolism (which can help you lose weight too) from its 24/7 job by giving it a little boost. While this program involves a small investment of time (usually about three weeks), the benefits can be incredible.
These benefits include:
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mental clarity and brain function
  • More restful sleep
  • A better understanding surrounding food sensitivities
  • Improved metabolism and weight control
  • An excellent jumpstart for a lifestyle change
Even people who already follow a healthy lifestyle could benefit from the occasional medical detox. For example, if you’ve been spending much of your summer by the pool or on the boat, chances are your liver could use a break from processing away poolside beverages and snacks.
Whether you’re looking for a detox to “reset” your system or as part of an overall strategy for following a healthier lifestyle, a medical detox is an excellent way to improve your health, vitality, and well being. However, relying on lntemet research to develop a liver detox can be dangerous, as it’s easy to miss out on vital nutrients that are needed to keep your body healthy and strong.
At RevitaLifeMD in Louisville, Kentucky, we create and customize medical detoxification programs for clients who are ready to benefit from a healthier lifestyle. We monitor you throughout the detox program and measure results for an optimal experience. Whether you’re feeling sluggish – despite getting loads of rest – or feel like you’re constantly in a fog, a medical detox program could make you feel youthful and energetic again.
Ready to learn more about our Body Detox program? Simply fill out the form on this page or call (502) 272-4801 today for a FREE consultation in-office or by phone, FaceTime, or Skype.
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