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How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

//How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

It seems no matter how much you workout or diet stubborn fat on the abdomen, flanks, thighs, or back just won’t go away. Enter CoolSculpting. It’s the number one most used non-invasive fat-reduction procedure on the market and for a good reason. CoolSculpting is a pain-free procedure that provides long-lasting results with minimal downtime.

CoolSculpting only requires a short, in-office visit. Your specialists will guide a handpiece across the treatment area delivering controlled cooling technology deep below the surface of the skin. Unwanted pockets of fat eventual crystalize and die. Immediately following your treatment, you’re free to go about your daily routine.

The price you pay for CoolSculpting is dependent upon several key factors:

  1. The area being treated
  2. The number of cycles needed per treatment
  3. The number of treatments needed

At RevitaLifeMD, we offer exceptional patient care at highly competitive rates. On average, one CoolSculpting cycle is valued at $750. A Coolsculpting cycle is a treatment with one applicator, typically lasting ~1 hour. Depending on the treatment area, you may need multiple cycles, for example when treating love handles you will need 1 applicator on each side of your body, or 2 cycles total. Some see their desired results following 1 treatment session, others may need 2-3 treatments to achieve the contoured look they want.

Cost of Coolsculpting In Louisville

According to RealSelf, you can expect to pay anywhere from 1,500-2,000 in Louisville, Kentucky for 1 Coolsculpting treatment session.

During your initial consultation, one of our CoolSculpting specialists will complete an evaluation and talk to you about your end-goals. Afterward, they’ll create an individualized plan to help you meet those goals. You’ll also be provided with a more accurate price estimate. Our custom pricing ensures that you receive the best value, without compromising your results. 

Most patients report seeing results in as little as several weeks. However, continued improvement will occur for 4-6 months as your body naturally expels dead fat cells. Once the existing fat is gone, it’s gone for good. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is encouraged to prolong the outcome of your treatment. For those looking to enhance their results, RevitaLife offers treatments to help compliment and increase the effectiveness of CoolSculpting. This includes our Medical Weight Loss Program and other body sculpting techniques such as Kybella and Skin Tightening Laser treatments. 

Ready to learn more about CoolSculpting? Fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call (502) 272-4801 and the team at RevitaLifeMD will be happy to help!

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