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How to Avoid Halloween Makeup Skin Dangers

Halloween makeup can look amazing with a costume, but buyer beware, your skin may not look so fabulous the next day.  Here are a few guidelines to protect your skin while also giving you a an award-winning costume:

  1. Clean & moisturize your skin before applying makeup: Do not steam or exfoliate your skin within 3 days before using a costume makeup.  That will open your pores, allowing the makeup to get in, clog them, and cause blemishes.  Simply use your regular daily facial cleanser and moisturizer.  Save the exfoliation for after Halloween.

  1. Look for quality, not a bargain: Cheap Halloween makeup that appears at the Halloween store, or big box store every season, is not non-comedogenic, meaning it will clog up your pores. It is worth your time and money to seek out healthy makeup.  Stage or theatrical makeup made specifically to be used for costume use will contain FDA-approved ingredients that are a lot easier on your pores. Getting stage makeup doesn’t have to be a hassle, since there are several major manufacturers whose names are well-known and trusted within the industry, and who offer easy access to purchases online.  A few we recommend:

3. Try before you buy: Test the makeup on a small patch of hidden skin so you won’t be surprised with an allergic reaction after covering your entire face with a product.  Be mindful of the area for 2 days after you wash it off in case of any delayed reaction.  Expiration dates do matter!  If the makeup has an unpleasant odor or odd consistency, toss it.

  1. Avoid the fake lashes: The glue can do a number on your own lashes as well as your eyes. Have you ever tried to put these on?  Very Difficult! If you must have long lashes, try extensions but be warned that they are expensive to put on and keep up.  We recommend and sell Latisse, an FDA-approved topical treatment used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes.  Most users begin to see results within four to eight weeks, with the most dramatic results appearing between weeks 12 and 16. If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original state.
  1. Wash before you go to bed: One of the absolute worst things that you can do is to go to sleep with regular, everyday makeup on, and Halloween makeup is 100 times worse!  No matter how tired you are or how late you get in, wash your face!  Plain old soap and water does wonders so try that first.  If you have stubborn areas, do not scrub.  Try coconut or jojoba oil or makeup wipes and then re-wash with soap and water.  It will be well worth the few minutes of lost sleep to keep your skin fresh.  Apply moisturizer to nourish your face before the sweet dreams.

  1. Get a peel or HydraFacial post Halloween makeup: No matter what character you decided to be for a day, it’s time to be good to your skin.

Halloween can be so fun, and incredible makeup can really be a creative journey to a fabulous costume. Be bold not boring and most of all be careful.

If you have questions about how to take care of your skin, or if you’ve suffered a bad break out after using Halloween makeup, talk to RevitaLifeMD in Louisville. We offer a number of skin treatments to help with acne, wrinkles, dry skin and more! Call 502-272-4801 or fill out the form on this page to schedule a consultation. 

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