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Medical Weight Loss: Cost & Results Compared To Diet Alone

/, Medical Weight Loss/Medical Weight Loss: Cost & Results Compared To Diet Alone

Medical Weight Loss: Cost & Results Compared To Diet Alone

Let’s face it. Losing weight isn’t as easy as one, two, three. Many of you have a broken metabolism, which is commonly a hole you just can’t climb out of without help.

Our mission is to reboot your metabolism and make the process of losing weight faster, easier, and long term. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to shedding unwanted pounds, which is why yo-yo and fad diets are just that. At RevitaLfeMD, we utilize a variety of evidence-based weight loss techniques to help you achieve your short and long-term goals.

What is a Medical Weight Loss Program?

A medical weight loss program is a safe and effective way to achieve long term fat loss, while promoting optimal metabolism and muscle mass.

Our mission is to dig deep to discover the weaknesses in your metabolism and improve them as you lose weight so that you can achieve faster, better, longer lasting results. Customized treatment plans are created for each and every patient based on their individual needs and goals. Whether you’d like to lose 20-pounds or 200, we’re here to help!

Weight Loss Program Louisville

How Much Does it Cost?

Because treatments are 100% personalized for each patient, the cost can vary greatly on a case by case basis.

Monthly programs cost as little as $80/month.

The only real way to know how much your medical weight loss program will cost is through an in-person evaluation and consultation with one of our skilled physicians. Your long-term success is our primary goal, so we offer 3-6 month package programs loaded with value, 0% financing options, and affordable maintenance programs.

Some factors that may play a role in the price you’ll pay include;

  • Screening tools – Our practitioners use an EKG to ensure safety and detailed labs to evaluate metabolism. Yes, we encourage you to bring your annual screening labs from your doctor, but I can assure you that is not enough. Details matter…  
  • In-Office visits – Weekly, biweekly, or monthly in-office visits… we do see better results with more frequent office visits. More accountability and more time for behavior modification and to fine tune your metabolism can produce faster results for sure.
  • Medication – There are now five classes of anti-obesity medications. Even if you have medical problems, there are awesome options for you.
  • Quality Meal Replacements – Quality protein shakes and optimal frozen meals definitely enhance results and can make the process relatively effort free. Talk to your physician about what’s right for you.
  • Wellness Plan – During your medical weight loss program, you’ll be getting valuable dietary and exercise advice. This is vital information that can help you keep weight off for years to come.

During your confidential consultation, your physician will perform an evaluation and talk to you about your goals in a judgment-free zone. We will then create a unique plan tailored to you and guide you along each step of the way. We’re here to make your weight loss goals attainable for the long haul. Look and feel your best-self possible today and always.

Ready to learn more about how you can benefit from a Medical Weight Loss Program? Our staff is ready to examine your problem areas and give you a custom plan today. Fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call or text (502) 272-4801 and the team at RevitaLifeMD will be happy to help!

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