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3 Easy Ways to Prioritize Wellness in 2020

Posted on January 10th, 2020 by Dr. Brad Cummins M.D.

New year, same resolutions … lose weight, get healthy, eat better, the list goes on! This year, RevitaLife MD is here to help you do all of the above with our three easy ways to prioritize wellness. 

Listen to Your Body

Often times, people aim to incorporate wellness routines into their lives without thinking of the simplest way to take care of themselves. Consider how your body is resting – when and for how long you’re sleeping, where you feel restful and if you’re getting uninterrupted sleep. Resting is something all bodies need, so carve out time to make it meaningful and effective for you. 

Understand the Importance of Skin Health 

Skin health is one of the easiest ways to prioritize wellness for yourself. Start off by scheduling a facial with Dawn or Virginia to properly clean your face and remove impurities more than regular cleansing allows. After this, it’s important to optimize your skincare routine for what your skin needs. We can provide suggestions and even offer a monthly VIP program – Club RevitaLife – that offers monthly facials and more! 

28 Day Metabolism Reset

Completing our 28 Day Metabolism Reset can help you get on track for a healthy, wellness-driven year. We’re not talking about juice-cleanses or calorie-restricting diets, but a diet consisting of anti-inflammatory foods that promote a healthy gut. The RevitaLife MD mobile app is a great resource for more information. Supplements can also help you detox – schedule a consult with Dr. Cummins if you’re curious to see what would work best for you.

Beyond these simple tips to help prioritize wellness this year, make sure staying hydrated is also at the top of your list – 8 glasses of water a day is recommended. What tips do you have to prioritize wellness? Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know! 

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