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The RevitaLifeMD Hormone Guide

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The RevitaLifeMD Hormone Guide

As we get older, our bodies begin to produce fewer vital hormones. Without certain hormones, many necessary bodily functions can be thrown out of whack. It’s important to maintain the delicate balance of hormones flowing through your body for optimal well-being.

The RevitaLifeMD Bio-Identical Hormone Program

Through a simple blood test, we’re able to assess what hormones your body is lacking and adjust your treatment plan accordingly. Everyone’s body has a unique way of aging which is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your treatment. Instead, we will create a personalized plan tailored to suit your individual needs.

With the RevitaLifeMD hormone program, you’ll receive a combination of prescriptions and dietary supplementation. Our method allows clients to eliminate symptoms associated with both menopause in women and andropause in men.

What Is Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement?

Hormone replacement therapy has been around for ages. However, gone are the days of synthetic hormones packed with side effects. Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical and molecular structure of the hormones already found within your body. These days, bio-identical hormone replacement have the potential naturally restore your hormone levels in a safe and effective way.


Benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is the front-runner for treating hormone-deficient patients. Because hormones regulate a large number of biological functions ranging from physiology to behavior, giving your hormone levels a boost can be extremely beneficial.

Let’s take a look at how several hormones can affect your daily function.


This hormone can aid in weight loss, and protect against depression, cognitive decline, and mood swings.


This ‘male sex hormone’ plays a key role in muscle production while decreasing fat. It also affects secondary male traits such as facial hair and lower voice.


If you’re having sleep problems, you may need a little extra melatonin. This hormone is what controls your body’s internal clock and regulates your sleep-wake cycle.


Cortisol regulates your ability to respond to stress. This hormone also helps control blood sugar levels and metabolism.


This important hormone is created from cholesterol and plays a role in the production of other vital steroid hormones such as estrogen and androgens. Pregnenolone can affect your energy levels as well.

Ready to take back your life with hormone therapy? Schedule a confidential consultation at RevitaLifeMD by filling out the form on this page. You can also make an appointment via phone at (502) 272-4801.

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