Did you know?

Hair loss affects over 80% of men and HALF OF ALL WOMEN over 50 years of age. That’s roughly 60 million men and 40 million women; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This can be devastating emotionally, socially, and professionally. We provide cutting edge products and services to battle this nemesis.


  • Hair loss is a problem only men have to face
  • There is no such thing as female pattern baldness
  • Thinning hair is only a problem for older women
  • Hair loss is caused by brushing hair too often
  • Hair loss is caused by washing hair too often
  • Hair loss is a result of bleaching and/or dyeing hair
  • You can grow new hair by standing on your head
  • Your hair will grow back thicker if you shave your head
  • Wearing hats causes hair loss
  • There is no way to treat female pattern baldness

GENETIC HAIR LOSS TEST is performed to determine if one is at risk for androgenic hair loss (most common) and likely to respond to anti-androgen therapy. That way, one can make better treatment and dollar decisions based upon what is most likely to work.

Why should you take the Genetic Hair Loss Test today?

  • The test predicts your risk for hair loss or thinning with up to an 80% positive and 90% negative likelihood
  • The test can help predict your hair loss BEFORE you can see any visible hair loss
  • Nonsurgical, preventive treatments are effective, more natural, and cheaper than surgery
  • You will need these same nonsurgical treatments even after surgery, so why wait

Next, we perform a detailed scalp analysis and evaluate for all causes of hair loss. Diagnostic laboratory and hormone testing may be necessary, especially in women. We are able to individualize your treatment plan and scientifically measure your response along the way, adjusting the most ideal choices of the following therapies accordingly.

  • Advanced prescription topical medications

  • Prescription Oral Medication

  • Hormone Optimization

  • Laser Hair Therapy

  • Mesotherapy

  • PRP Stem Cell Rejuvenation

  • Medical Grade Supplements

Hoping you stay proactive, healthy & happy