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What Are the Benefits of “Vampire” Procedures?

//What Are the Benefits of “Vampire” Procedures?

What Are the Benefits of “Vampire” Procedures?

What Are the Benefits of “Vampire” Procedures?

Vampire procedures are one of the latest trends for celebrities before walking the red carpet. But, you don’t have to be a Hollywood starlet to reap the benefits of this cutting-edge procedure. Vampire treatments are often minimally-invasive and require little to no downtime making them great for men and women with busy lifestyles.

So, what makes it a “Vampire” procedure?

Your blood. Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry! All it takes is a simple blood draw similar to that of any blood test. Your specialist then places the blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelets, growth factors, and stem cells making PRP (platelet-rich-plasma). The PRP can then be used as an injectable or as a topical to treat a wide range of conditions from enhanced sexual function to facial rejuvenation.


The O-Shot, commonly (and fondly) referred to as the Orgasm-Shot boosts a female’s libido, improves the length and intensity of orgasms, and restores vaginal moisture. The procedure can also help women who are having difficulty with urinary incontinence.

O-Shot is injected into key areas of vaginal tissue to increase collagen production for long-lasting results. Women can begin to see some initial results immediately, however, it can take from 3-weeks to 6-months for an optimal outcome.


P-Shot helps men enjoy enhanced sexual functions by increasing blood circulation. Guys can expect improvement in size as well as longer, stronger erections. The injectable boosts sensitivity to the penis for more enjoyable bedroom sessions.

In most cases, men will instantly see noticeable results. P-Shot can last up to one year when done correctly. Touch-up procedures can safely and effectively be done as needed.

Vampire Facial

When used for facial rejuvenation, PRP is usually combined with microneedling and applied topically. The tiny injuries created by the microneedling allow the growth factors and stem cells to penetrate the lower levels of the dermis. Vampire Facials are done to nix sun damage and age-related wrinkles, brown spots, stretch marks, and acne scars.

The combination procedure boosts collagen and rejuvenates skin to restore a natural, youthful glow. Downtime is minimal and patients can expect instant, long-lasting results.

Take the Next Step

Ready to learn more about how Vampire Procedures can benefit you? Our staff is prepared to evaluate you and give you a custom plan and price. Fill out the contact form on this page or give us a call (502) 272-4801 and the team at RevitaLifeMD will be happy to help!

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