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Hair Loss Isn’t Inevitable. Let RevitaLife MD Help!

There are certain things that we expect when we get older … maybe we won’t be able to do the same extreme sports we loved when we were in our twenties and thirties. And then, of course, there are the hormone changes that send our bodily systems for a loop in later years. Many people in Louisville have also come to assume that hair loss is an inevitable part of getting older, but this is one aspect of aging on which we’ll have to respectfully disagree.

There may have been a time in which a lot of hair coming out in the shower or in the bristles of your favorite hairbrush were met with silent resignation, but at RevitaLife MD, we’re dedicated to using scientifically-proven hair loss treatments to both prevent this from happening and fight back when it does.

Surprising Statistics About Hair Loss

When your hair begins to fall out in middle age or senior years, you may feel very alone and embarrassed, but you shouldn’t. Nearly 35 million men and 21 women in the U.S. are experiencing hair loss at this very moment. Sixty percent of these hair loss sufferers said they would rather have more hair than a fatter bank account or a larger circle of friends. The surprising part is that only around 811,000 of the men and women experiencing hair loss around the world are actively seeking professional treatment for it (via Statistic Brain).

This seems strange. Why wouldn’t people seek hair loss treatment to help slow or even reverse the signs of this aging process? We have to believe it’s because people just aren’t aware of the scientific, state-of-the-art opportunities that currently exist for hair loss treatment. Don’t let early hair loss happen to you. Contact us at Revitaife MD for unique hair loss treatment options!

Our Hair Loss Treatment Opportunities

At RevitaLife MD we realize that not all hair loss treatments are created equal, and each individual hair loss sufferer needs the plan that’s right for their particular set of circumstances. That’s why we offer both Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration and Laser Hair Therapy.

PRP Treatment

The World Congress of Hair Research in Edinburgh recently reported findings that suggest PRP is a useful tool in combating hair loss. In our experience, PRP may result in the regeneration of hair that’s stopped growing or falling out, as well as enhancing the size of hair follicles that have become weak and shrunken. Stop hair follicle death and the hair loss that follows with PRP treatment at RevitaLife MD.*

Low-Level Laser Hair Therapy (LHT)

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*Results may vary.

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