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Is Your Job Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

Everywhere you look, there are nutritionists, fitness experts, and weight loss clinics telling you that all you need to do to lose weight is diet and exercise more.

So you make a few changes to your diet and start moving around more. Maybe you swap veggies for pasta a few times a week. Or maybe you’ve started taking a walk every night with your spouse after dinner. These are great changes, but even with these healthy habits, you might not be seeing the weight loss you want. Why?

The truth is that some of the things we do every day can be sabotaging our weight loss, like going to work. Now, your job isn’t really a “habit” that you can change. You HAVE to go to work. You might think your weight loss efforts are doomed but don’t lose heart yet!

Keep reading to discover three things that happen at work that might be making you gain weight despite efforts to lose it. Then learn how the medical weight loss clinic at RevitaLife MD in Louisville can help you overcome these stubborn challenges!

1. Sitting All Day

For most of us, going to work involves sitting in the car during a commute. Then we sit at our desks, sometimes without moving for hours. Then we sit in meetings, and at the break room table while we eat lunch. Work is basically an eight-hour sit-fest. As much research has shown in recent years, all of this sitting is terrible for our health and works in opposition to our weight loss goals. If you have a job that requires you to sit all day, you might need to visit the RevitaLife MD clinic in Louisville for medical weight loss help.

2. Staring at Screens

And what are we doing while sitting all day? While staring at a computer screen, of course. While we’re not doing that, we’re usually staring at our phone, a smaller screen. Several studies have shown a significant link between the amount of time spent staring at a screen and the likelihood of obesity. Want to fight back against the pudge that comes from staring at screens? The medical weight loss clinic at Revita Life MD can help.

3. Seeing Food as a Reward

What happens when your department makes its revenue goal? The boss buys everyone burritos for lunch. What about when a coworker has a birthday or work anniversary? Donuts in the breakroom, of course. This innocent, celebratory snacking reinforces our tendency to see unhealthy foods as a reward.

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