1. Understanding The Role Of Hormones In Weight Loss Resistance

    In a previous post, we explored the topic of appetite-suppressing foods. For many people, the idea that they can actually eat their way to a healthier, happier body is one that comes as a surprise. Too often when we think of weight loss, we assume that food is the enemy, and the more we can deprive ourselves of eating, the faster we’ll achieve our weight loss goals. This is far from the truth, …Read More

  2. Natural Appetite Suppressants To Support Your Medical Weight Loss

    When most people feel dissatisfied with their appearance, it’s typically because of a problem with their weight. When humans weigh too little, they have very little energy, feel weak, and may suffer from other health complications that arise from being underweight. When humans weigh too much, they can also suffer from a lack of energy, have trouble moving around or caring for themselves, and de…Read More

  3. Answers To Your Questions About PRP Hair Restoration

    It’s something we all know can happen in the back of our mind, but in our early adult years, we barely ever think about it: hair loss. All of our lives we associate hair loss with age. Perhaps your grandfather was balding, or the elderly librarian at your school had thinning hair. The fact of the matter is that hair loss can be caused by any number of things that may be completely out of our co…Read More

  4. Dirty Dozen: Why Buy Organic Produce and Avoid Plastic and other Endocrine Disruptors?

    Dirty Dozen: Why Buy Organic Produce and Avoid Plastic and other Endocrine Disruptors? Why spend more for organic produce? Exposure to pesticides and toxins significantly affects our body’s detoxification system. This is not only obviously “toxic”, but it indirectly affects our ability to metabolize hormones like estrogen. This can indirectly increase our risk of breast cancer and prostate c…Read More

  5. 3 Tips To Avoid Overeating This Holiday Season

    Halloween is in the rearview mirror, which means it’s full steam ahead into the winter holidays. Whether you prefer Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of occasions to celebrate in the coming weeks, and even more opportunities to be tempted by unhealthy or ultra rich foods. Are you worried that all the hard work you’ve done to control your weight will go out the win…Read More

  6. Taking A Winter Cruise? Get Ready With Laser Hair Removal

    Summer is the most popular time for destination vacations. The kids are out of school, maybe your Louisville business experiences a slight slow down, and instead of sitting around and sweltering in the Kentucky heat, you take off for a more exotic location. Even though the holidays are typically a time spent with family around the dinner table, more Louisville residents are choosing the off-seaso…Read More

  7. Understanding The Connection Between Menopause And Weight Gain

    Are you approaching or have you already entered your menopausal transition? This is a confusing and complicated time for many women in Louisville. After a lifetime of depending on hormones to regulate your bodily functions, these hormonal levels change drastically in menopause. This can lead to unpleasant side effects in women, like hot flashes and weight gain. It’s important for women of all a…Read More

  8. Why Am I Getting Hot Flashes?

    Are you finding it very difficult to find an environmental temperature that you like? Do you walk out into the sunshine on a Saturday afternoon, only to find yourself sweating uncontrollably? Are you constantly shedding layers while at work, even though everyone else seems to be completely fine with the temperature? It’s highly likely that what you’re experiencing is a “hot flash.” Though…Read More

  9. 5 Foods That Enhance Hair Growth

    As Louisville's hair restoration experts, we have lots of experience helping both men and women identify the hair loss treatments that will help them regain the confidence that was lost when their hair started to get thin. If you feel shocked or embarrassed by your own hair loss, we have some news that might make you feel a little bit better: human hair thickness peaks at around the age of 15. So…Read More

  10. What Do Your Hands Say About Your Age?

    Ask any woman over the age of 30 what she’d really like to change about her appearance and many would say that they wish for younger looking skin. As teenagers and young adults, most women don’t give their skin a second thought. Sure, they wash it and moisturize it, but most of us aren’t thinking about things like wrinkles, sagging skin, and sun damage. And we’re certainly not thinking ab…Read More