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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhances the body's natural healing processes by delivering pure oxygen under increased pressure, effectively treating a range of medical conditions and promoting faster recovery.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

A hyperbaric chamber is a specially designed medical device that allows a person to breathe pure oxygen in a pressurized environment. It creates an environment with higher atmospheric pressure than normal, which enables the lungs to absorb more oxygen and deliver it to the body's tissues.

The increased oxygen levels inside the chamber promote healing, reduce inflammation, and enhance the body's natural restorative processes.

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy help in healing?

Oxygen is forced into the tissues, organs, brain, and fluids throughout the body through the pressurization of the hyperbaric chamber.

  • Floods areas that are oxygen starved to stimulate cell growth and regeneration.
  • Increases neural brain function due to oxygen saturation.
  • Increases stem cell production by up to 800%.
  • Helps anti-aging efforts by fighting off free radicals and oxidative stress (combine with ozone for optimal results, as it boosts the oxidative buffering systems).
  • Displaces toxins and other impurities to assist in detoxification of the body's systems.
  • Acts as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial, as bacteria and viruses typically cannot tolerate oxygen.
  • Reduces tumor growth in cancer patients, causing their mitochondria to explode.
  • Serves as an immune modulator, supporting the immune system to bring T and B cells within normal levels.
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What are the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is an amazing tool with many therapeutic benefits. If you want more energy, faster healing, better brain health, better circulation and immune system, then Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is something you should strongly consider. However, you should always consult with and listen to your doctor regarding the treatment of any medical condition. We are not claiming to be able to treat or heal any of these medical conditions below.

Breathing concentrated oxygen while in a pressurized environment forces more oxygen into your blood stream, which then diffuses into the surrounding tissues, joint fluid, cerebral fluid, and organs creating many wonderful benefits. You can work on your computer or phone, make calls, or enjoy meditative music during your treatment, which lasts typically 30-60 minutes.

  • Enhanced Healing

    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) promotes the body's natural healing process by increasing oxygen levels in tissues. It can accelerate wound healing, reduce tissue damage, and improve recovery from injuries or surgeries.

  • Improved Oxygenation

    Breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood plasma, allowing it to reach areas with compromised circulation. This can benefit individuals with conditions like poor circulation, chronic wounds, or certain neurological disorders.

  • Reduced Inflammation

    HBOT has anti-inflammatory effects, helping to reduce swelling and inflammation in various conditions such as acute injuries, chronic inflammatory diseases, and certain autoimmune disorders.

  • Enhanced Recovery from Radiation Therapy

    Hyperbaric oxygen can mitigate the side effects of radiation therapy by promoting tissue repair, reducing radiation-induced damage, and increasing the effectiveness of certain cancer treatments.

  • Healing of Non-Healing Wounds

    Chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers or non-healing surgical wounds, can benefit from hyperbaric chamber therapy. The increased oxygen levels aid in tissue regeneration and promote wound closure.

  • Support for Neurological Conditions

    HBOT has shown promise in conditions like traumatic brain injury, stroke, and certain neurological disorders by increasing oxygen supply to the brain, promoting neuroplasticity, and potentially improving cognitive function.

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About our Equipment


Not all hyperbaric chambers are effective. Our hard shell chamber is significantly more effective than any soft shell chamber due to the higher pressure. It is also more spacious and comfortable.

  • Ease of Entry and Comfort: The 36-inch diameter hyperbaric hard chamber features an extra-wide sliding glass door, making it easy to enter and exit. This size is ideal for overcoming feelings of claustrophobia, offering a comfortable and spacious environment for both doctors and home users.
  • Durable and Safe Construction: Constructed with thick 304-grade stainless steel, the chamber is built to last. It includes durable components, ensuring long-term reliability. The design prioritizes safety, making it a preferable choice over systems requiring oxygen tanks.
  • Innovative Venting System: Unique in the high-end hyperbaric industry, this chamber system does not require special venting. The net room oxygen level remains unchanged during operation, making it safer and more convenient.
  • User-Friendly with Advanced Features: The system boasts internal controls that mirror external ones, allowing for easy single-user operation. It's designed for both practitioners and home users, offering advanced features like higher pressurization capabilities in hyperbaric therapy, simplified operations, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Versatile and Luxurious: Suitable for clients of various shapes and sizes, the chamber provides expansive roominess, enhancing the luxury and comfort in everyday and all-day usage. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of users seeking advanced, therapeutic hyperbaric experiences.

We do not claim to treat or cure any disease or illness

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