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Is Hormone Replacement Right For You?

Hormones are one of the most important naturally-occurring substances in our bodies, yet we rarely give them the credit they're due. Without hormones, we’d never grow to be six feet tall, have long, luscious hair, or enjoy a healthy libido. Whether you're a man or a woman, the effects from a chronic hormone imbalance could [...]

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More Reasons Women Should Get BHRT

In our last blog, we talked about some of the reasons women should get bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. No one likes to feel run down and if you have the chance to change that in Louisville, KY, wouldn’t you give it a try? At RevitaLife MD, we have just what you need to start feeling [...]

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Hormone Replacement Therapy And Women

It is a natural thing for our body to stop producing as many hormones as we age. This wasn’t an issue 200 years ago when the average life expectancy was less than 50 years old. But today, women go through what is known as menopause at about that age. Women start to experience hot flashes, [...]

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Potato chips and French fries – full of artery clogging trans fat, salt, and cancer causing acrylamides Butter and cheese – full of saturated fat and chemical pollutants Doughnuts and other trans fat-containing sweets – full of artery clogging trans fat, sugar, and other artificial substances Pickled, smoked, or barbequed meats – increases risk of [...]

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Weight Loss News

This new study brings us more evidence that eating breakfast and consuming most of our calories early in the day helps us both lose/control weight and avoid diabetes. Frank Scheer, from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Massachusetts, USA), and colleagues evaluate the role of food timing in weight-loss effectiveness in a group of 420 individuals who [...]

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Alert, these protein shakes are unhealthy, misleading or contaminated

Independent lab testing recently revealed the following problems with these protein supplements: Prolab Advanced Essential Whey Milk Chocolate – found 15.7 less grams protein, 16 grams more carbohydrates and 3.4 grams more sugar per serving than reported. Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein Smooth Vanilla- found 1.2 grams per serving more sugar than reported and 10.2 mg [...]

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Real wrinkle improvement with growth factors!

Growth factors are proteins that regulate the growth and youthful turnover of skin cells. Multiple growth factors are naturally present in the skin and work to maintain its youthful structure. As we age, the production of growth factors is decreased resulting in less collagen, wrinkles, and aging skin. Science shows that we can effect this [...]

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Top 10 Myths about Hair Loss

Did you know? Hair loss affects over 80% of men and HALF OF ALL WOMEN over 50 years of age. That’s roughly 60 million men and 40 million women; YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This can be devastating emotionally, socially, and professionally. We provide cutting edge products and services to battle this nemesis. TOP 10 MYTHS [...]

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Hair Loss Solution for Women

Did you know? By the time hair loss or thinning is noticeable almost 50% of your hair could be gone! Half of women experience significant thinning by the age of 50. RevitaLife MD has the perfect solution for women hair loss! Please watch the video below for more information on how Laser Cap can help [...]

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Melt fat off your chin & jowl area!

Before Mesotherapy After Mesotherapy Mesotherapy was developed in France, and over 20,000 practitioners worldwide provide hundreds of thousands of treatments cumulatively. Medications are injected into the fat, dissolving fat cells, and shrinking the problem areas. Treatments work best in smaller areas, like under teh chin and jowls, love handles, bra line, etc. [...]

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Hand Rejuvenation

The hands don’t lie. Even with a more youthful appearance of the face, your age can easily be given away by the appearance of your hands. RADIESSE® is the first and only FDA-approved product for hand augmentation to correct volume loss in the hands. RADIESSE restores volume to the hands while providing smooth, natural-looking results [...]

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