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Most Positive Anti-Aging & Aesthetic Reviews in Louisville KY
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I am literally a Dr Cummins RevitaLife patient for the rest of my life! Read More

Anti-Aging Hormone Therapy

*Hormones decline with age in all of us. There is simply no reason to let this happen. Most Americans go to their primary care physician with symptoms of hormone deficiencies, only to receive an antidepressant and a sleeping pill. We know that treating the cause of your problems is a much better way to go; Restoring youthful hormone levels naturally and safely will help you look and feel your best, reduce aging and your risk for degenerative diseases, and bring more life to a longer lifespan. * Individual results may vary

Our experience in not only bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, but also in medical weight loss, body sculpting, and hair restoration, will help you achieve your needs and goals. We have seen numerous patients from other practices who are losing their hair in clumps, because their practitioner has been chasing fatigue with outlandish testosterone levels.

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