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ALERT: These Protein Shakes are Unhealthy, Misleading or Contaminated

Independent lab testing recently revealed the following problems with these protein shakes and supplements:

Prolab Advanced Essential Whey Milk Chocolate – found 15.7 fewer grams protein, 16 grams more carbohydrates and 3.4 grams more sugar per serving than reported.

Dymatize Nutrition Elite Casein Smooth Vanilla– found 1.2 grams per serving more sugar than reported and 10.2 mg of cholesterol. Also, be aware that casein is a dairy protein linked to an increased incidence of cancer.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Egg Rich Chocolate – found 9.2 mg cholesterol per serving.

Nature’s Plus Spiru-Tein Vanilla – found additional 6.7 gm carbohydrates, 4.2 gm sugar, and 25.8 more calories per serving than reported.

Shakeology Greenberry – found 12.7 mcg of lead per serving.

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